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One of Floripa Airport’s top priorities is to expand the cargo transportation sector at Florianopolis International Airport - Hercílio Luz. Here you will find everything you need to know about that sector and our expansion plan.


  • Cargo Center Statistics

    • 5,909 import processes
    • 1,500 tons of cargo
    • R$ 610 million of nationalized goods

    *In 2019


  • Cargo Center Infrastructure

    • Total customs area: 6541 m2
    • Homologated systems
    • Forklift trucks with a capacity up to 7 tons
    • Cold storage rooms
    • Storage area for hazardous goods
    • Customs agents located at the airport
    • ANVISA (health surveillance agents) located at the airport
  • Services

    • Provide services / facilities (pallet assembly, unloading and loading, issuing reports, cargo photos, etc.)
    • Provide cargo handling equipment services
    • Storage of hazardous and radioactive cargo
    • Storage and monitoring of products with controlled temperatures (15 to 22°C, 2 to 8°C and -18°C)
    • Exclusive area for airlines to handle domestic cargo 
  • Cargo Center Expansion Goals

    • Capture new customers
    • Maintain the loyalty of current customers
    • Capture cargo from other modals (maritime and road transportation)
    • Participate in seminars and events focused on Logistics
    • Create a logistic efficiency program
  • Contact

    Cargo Terminal Coordination - +55 48 3331-4091

    Cargo Terminal Customer Service Center - +55 48 3331-4092