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Florianópolis and economic data

Florianópolis International Airport is the main airport in the state of Santa Catarina.  It is located in the southern part of Florianopolis, the state’s capital, about 12 km from the city center. Floripa Airport, which is wholly owned by the Swiss company Zurich Airport, assumed operation of the airport in January 2018. The company was granted a 30-year concession to operate the airport and will build a new and modern terminal, which will be ready in October 2019.

The economy of the island of Santa Catarina is driven by technology, tourism, with its 42 stunning beaches, and services. Called Silicon Island, in reference to Silicon Valley, Florianópolis is one of Brazil’s main technology centers. Santa Catarina accounts for 20% of the 4,200,000 startups registered in the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups), and most of these companies are located in Florianópolis. According to ABStartups, this sector transacted R$ 6 billion in Santa Catarina in 2016.

According to IBGE estimates for 2017, the city has a population of 485,838 inhabitants and, according to data from 2015, a GDP of R$ 18,636,407.20. It is the state’s third largest GDP, only after Joinville and Itajaí.

  • Statistics

    • Number of passengers
      • Current terminal:

        3.5 million per year

      • New terminal:

        8 million per year

    • Commercial area:
      • Current terminal:

        1,958 sq meters, which is 18% of the total passenger terminal, distributed throughout the ground floor, upper level and basement.

      • New terminal:

        the business center will be 4,000 sq meters.

    • Terminal size
      • Current Passenger terminal:

        9,440 sq meters.

      • ANew airport:

        41,000 sq meters.

    • Parking
      • Current terminal:

        539 spaces

      • ANew airport:

        2.580 spaces.

    • Airport site:

      9,086 million sq meters

    • There are 2 runways for landings and takeoffs
      • Extension of runway 1

        2,300m x 45m.

      • Extension of runway 2

        1,500m x 45m

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