novo_en terminal

Your confort up high

The construction of a new passenger terminal will take place at full speed. Four times bigger in size than the current terminal, the new terminal will provide open spaces for passengers and visitors, with comfortable surroundings and warm colors.  It will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and a wide variety of shopping choices. It is important to us that our new terminal fit in with the natural beauty of the island, so the architecture is designed with lines that resemble the landscape of Florianopolis, as well as the colors and other features of the region.

Just like the precision of a Swiss watch, the future is almost here - in October 2019, when these and other state-of the-art features will become a reality at the new Florianópolis International Airport - Hercílio Luz.

Construction begins: January 2018

Size of terminal: 49,000 square meters

Investment: R$ 550 million

Capacity: 8 million passengers per year.


  • Two levels, one for departures and one for arrivals.
  • 10 boarding bridges to connect passengers to aircraft.
  • Parking lot - 2,580 parking spaces
  • Commercial area: approximately 5,000 sq. meters
  • Check-in: 45 check-in counters
  • 8 Baggage carousels: - 2 international, 5 domestic and 1 for either
  • 13 Boarding gates: 3 international and 11 domestic


Much more than passengers in transit

The international expertise of the new owners ensures that Santa Catarina will have an airport that is not just a place for passengers in transit. The facilities for the public, including areas for cultural exhibitions, multiple services, high quality, free wi-fi and outstanding cuisine, will provide a perfect setting for a business meeting as well as for the ordinary necessities of daily life. The airport will have approximately 5,000 thousand square meters of commercial area, including a food court.
Another new feature is the visitor’s terrace. It will have a panoramic view overlooking the apron where the airplanes park. Without a doubt, this new terminal will be a place for people to discover a passion for the amazing world of aviation.