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We are a company wholly owned by Zurich Airport, a Swiss company that brings to Brazil its expertise in airport management. With our high standards for top quality, we will bring together Swiss efficiency with Brazilian enthusiasm to provide the best possible service for our passengers. Our management is carried out with professionalism by dynamic, innovative people who work hard and love what they do.

Floripa Airport warmed up its turbines and took over the operation of the Florianópolis International Airport in January 2018. Our first changes are to the current passenger terminal, where he invested R$ 5 million in improvements to improve efficiency and comfort


  • We offer exceptional service through our staff and infrastructure.
  • We have created excellent business opportunities at the airport.
  • We share our enthusiasm for the magic of aviation through activities and events.


Floripa Airport is a place to be, where services are efficient and innovative, business flourishes and special things happen.



  • With the environment , through an eco-friendly airport.
  • With our neighborhood.
  • With our city .
  • With our company , being aware of the services we provide in an integrated way (not just in your own area).


Challenge the QUO Status

  • Question the rules when necessary, but not simply to break them.
  • Always look for new opportunities.
  • Innovate our business and also how we do business.



  • By our company .
  • For our work .
  • For our colleagues, respecting our differences and cooperating with all of our company.
  • For our passengers , serving everyone in a special way.


Focus on people

  • Know that our contributors is the most important resource we have.
  • Integrating our employees.
  • Keeping our focus on passengers.
  • Taking care of our partners.
  • Respecting diversity.
  • Treating everyone with respect .